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San Antonio Missions Collections


Since the mid 16th century, the friars of the Franciscan order were a constant fixture in Texas as the Spanish pushed their way north from the Mexican Interior. Though the first Franciscan mission in Texas was founded as early as 1632, it was not until the establishment of the Colegio Apostolico de Queretaro in 1683 under the direction of Fray Damian Massanet that missionary activity in Texas began in earnest, with the creation of a cluster of missions in East Texas to proselytize to the local indigenous population. By 1719 the settlements of East Texas, including the Franciscan missions, were relocated near the present day site of San Antonio, joining the active military settlement of established there in 1718.

Mission San Jose was founded in 1720 by Fray Antonio Margil de Jesús was the most successful of all Texas missions.


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Joseph de Leon, Rebecca Gonzalez

Collection Items

Petition Concerning the Dispute Between Missionaries and the Residents of Villa San Fernando Over the Boundaries of Mission Lands
Concerning the missions of Rio Grande del Norte and Texas. Includes disputes between religious and Islenos, and San Fernando over boundaries of mission lands and problems between Texas missions and the mission of Vizarron.

Inventories of Texas Missions
Concerning the inventories of Mission de San Juan Baptista, Mission de San Bernardo, Mission Espada

Inventory of Mission San Antonio de Valero of the Province of Texas
Inventory of the spiritual and temporal affairs, pertaining to this Mission of San Antonio de Valero of Texas, made when the mission was given up by orders of the Most Excellent Viceroy, Fray antonio Buccareli y Urzua.

Earliest Reports Concerning the Province of Texas
A geographical description of the Province of Texas. Including a political and geographic description and a description of General Teran's "entrada" (entrance) and the inspection of Pedro de Rivera and the Islenos.

Report to the Bishop on the Conditions of missions in Texas
Inventory and count of persons at the missions

Petition to Compile a Teaching Manual in Native Indian Languages
Letter recounting the languages and education of Indians at the missions
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